This thing should come with a “hazardous contents” warning. Oh, there were clues to the destructive power of Heavy Harvest on their debut, but ‘Iron Lung’ makes the mix even more volatile. The Swiss trio do a bunch of different things well- noise rock stomp, punk rock attitude, earworm riffs, and hot-vent vocals that stomp the line between alt rock bark and hardcore bellow. There are experimental flourishes as well but only in the way that sandpaper comes in several different grains. Groove is king, though- while the band are reminiscent of Will Haven or Rabies Caste or an oncoming freight train at their heaviest, when their blood simmers just below boiling, they rock and steamroll in a way Buzz Osbourne and Page Hamilton would be proud. ‘Iron Lung’ might wind up too heavy for rock fans and too soft for metalheads but Heavy Harvest never once sound like they care. A battering ram of a record.

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