When Kris Rochelle plays drums for Listener, he pounds out fidgety rhythms, anxious beats and a little chaos. They are a band that sound like they have the weight of the world on their shoulders. When he steps out from behind the kit for Red Sweater Lullaby however, he slots into a more direct, easy-going groove. His second full-length is an endearing ode to the supercharged fuzz, skewed pop, and lyrical storytelling of 90s indie rock. ‘Acne Scars’ is a swirling, swaying mid-tempo stomp that shows off Rochelle’s gift for a fun, familiar riff and charming if unsteady yowl, ‘Curbside Blues’ will provide equal but perhaps passing joy for fans of Pavement and early Jimmy Eat World, and the dreamy ‘Simone’ is like Weezer’s ‘Susanne’ in so many ways that River Cuomo could probably file a law suit. Each song feels like a postcard of a person or a place or a specific time in Rochelle’s life. And each song is a charming, easy listen.

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