WILD CAT STRIKE- ‘Mustard Coloured Years’

In their own words, ‘Mustard Coloured Years’ is something of a P.S. for Wild Cat Strike, an addendum to the wistful wonder of their 2018 debut full-length. The first lyrics here even echo the final words of that album. But this shouldn’t be considered an afterthought. In fact, opening track ‘Mustard’ instantly ranks as one of the best things the Brighton band have ever done. Opening in delicate indie mode, it goes gloriously cinematic thanks to gang vocals, a brilliant dancing synth line, and increasingly pounding drums, before a final passage that sounds like a rock classic coming through on a distant, dying radio. It’s reminiscent of Arcade Fire or The Shins but best of all, feels like now-trademark Wild Cat Strike. Elsewhere there are more of the kind of charming, disarming kind moments the band have conjured up before and new satisfying doses of piss, vinegar, and grizzled vocals too. So much more than supplemental.

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