These monthly playlists are like my babies. I bring them to life, tend for them, talk about them at work too much, and hope they go on to do big things. If that means that I’m not supposed to have favourites though, I have failed.

I recommend every song that ever makes the cut, the clue is in the title, but this month’s playlist is stuffed, stacked, brimming with zingers, and- whether its the Brooklyn-based newbies, Brazilian legends, British post-rock, or Swiss experimental metal- my personal favourite in quite some while. I hope you find something to love too.

  • FALCON ARROW- Demolition Derby
  • FAULT CHOIR- Lamplight
  • CHARMER- Slumber
  • GOUGE AWAY– Consider
  • SPANISH LOVE SONGS- Self-Destruction (As a Sensible Career Choice)
  • SLOWTRIP- Fold and Run
  • PARACHUTE FOR GORDO– A Dingo Ate My Discos
  • CAVALLO- Gravity Knife
  • GOLD CAGE- Repeater Kemper
  • MOMMA- Double Dare
  • FOOL’S GHOST– Touch
  • JOB CREATORS- Infinity Appetite
  • MODERN COLOR– Empty Rooms
  • HOPESFALL- Hall of the Sky
  • MY PROJECT GHOST– Dispossess
  • TYPECASTE- Traverse
  • SEPULTURA- Means to an End
  • ENVY- Marginalized Thread
  • FOLIAN- Go Alone

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