MY PROJECT GHOST- ‘Young, Grieven’

The first EP from this slightly-supergroup was a writhing nest of riffs, rage, heat and light. Erstwhile members of Bastions, Sleep Beggar, Zoax and Good Tiger combined to create organic hardcore that immediately felt established and essential. Five years later and follow-up ‘Young, Grieven’ isn’t so explosive but is gifted with the same gritty, immediate energy and new sludgy textures. It’s less concerned with putting a hole in the Earth and more capable of conjuring up images of dark clouds on the horizon. Oh, the band still move fast- surging rhythms and relentless drumming make ‘Vilomah’ feel like a runaway train- but there’s fuzzy static laced through everything and highlight ‘Dispossess’ incorporates just enough melody to make a huge difference, Deftones with a tension headache. Here’s hoping it doesn’t take another five years before My Project Ghost make themselves heard again.

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