New year, new music. And from the continued return of Canadian post-hardcore royalty to German doom-jazz and British drum-and-bass, I hope you find something to love.

  • ALEXISONFIRE- Season of the Flood
  • HOLY FAWN- Candy
  • CASPIAN- Ishmael
  • DESERTA- Save Me
  • GRANITE HANDS- The Machine
  • VASA- Heroics
  • INSECT ARK- Tectonic
  • BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE- Sag mir, wie lang
  • KEEP- Pendulum
  • FALSE HEADS- Fall Around
  • DRUG CHURCH- Bliss Out
  • HONEYMOON– Dissolve
  • LOATHE- Two-Way Mirror
  • JEROMES DREAM- Commonly, the Other Head with Both Hands
  • FRAIL HANDS- Holding
  • MONTECHARGE- XVIII Demons or Someone Else
  • PRESSURE CRACKS- Ready for You
  • KELPE- All the Way Around
  • SQUAREPUSHER- 80 Ondula

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