HONEYMOON- ‘From the Future’

The debut album by Ohio outfit, Honeymoon, is made of fantastic separate parts- chunky, post-hardcore guitars, spacey atmosphere, and plenty of 90s nostalgia. But too often the pieces don’t quite fit together. Where opener ‘Sensor’ should be seamless, it judders, and struggles to get going. Actually, it gets going fine, it’s just that it gets going about five times over in the first minute. And each new start is plenty good enough to become the backbone of a track but each is swiftly discarded, and they all feel slightly disconnected from each other. And then, when the song does fully reveal itself, it’s a perfectly pleasant but never properly memorable thing. ‘Dissolve’ is much better, a rocket fuel riff leading into waves of deep space distortion, and the extended ‘Green Heat’ is really lush while it plays, Zac Breitbach’s vocals almost acting as another instrument towards the end. There are some really satisfying moments here then, but in the end too much of ‘From the Future’ lacks staying power. Honeymoon have all the right ideas. Now, if they can get them all in the right order, their future should be much brighter.

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