We made it guys. Another year in the books. High fives all round!

It might not feel like time for celebrating- world news hasn’t exactly been upbeat (I hesitate to ask how it could get worse, just in case the universe hurries up and answers) and at times it seemed like the musical year was limping to a close, maybe even an end-of-decade lull- but even this traditionally quiet month has produced some star quality. And as our Albums of the Year list attests, 2019 was no lost cause. Quite the opposite, we could’ve come up with a top 50!

I hope you find something to love.

See you in 2020!

  • GIVER- ‘Sculpture of Violence’
  • COUNTERPARTS- ‘Cherished’
  • TIMEWORN- ‘Sky Castles’
  • MODERN RITUALS- ‘The Bull Never Wins’
  • LOMA PRIETA- ‘Continuum’
  • BLUSH RESPONSE- ‘Moonweed’
  • OUTLANDER- ‘Sinking’
  • GREET DEATH- ‘Crush’
  • RODDY WOOMBLE- ‘Remember to Breathe’
  • BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE- ‘Tief gesunken’
  • YOUTH TEAM- ‘Heavy Boots’
  • FOREST SWORDS- ‘Swarm’
  • KID NOBODY- ‘Watch the World as It’s Ending’
  • OLIVER TREE- ‘Introspective’
  • GRANITE HANDS- ‘Dreamboat’
  • THE WARRIORS- ‘Last S.O.S’
  • SEPULTURA- ‘Last Time’

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