HAMMOCK- ‘Silencia’

The trilogy is complete. For anyone that missed the first parts- after a painful, life-changing event, Hammock set about composing music to help cope and process. And while the resulting records don’t quite sync up with the recognised stages of grief, after the heartache of 2017’s ‘Mysterium’, and the sense of mending and cautious hope on ‘Universalis’, the Nashville-based duo are now ready to represent relief, resignation, saying “this is life”, and, perhaps most importantly, saying nothing at all. That said, ‘Silencia’ will speak to you. Glacially slow cascading drones, washes of white light, and the subtly, sparingly used voices of the 20-piece Budapest Art Choir offer gentle comfort and careful grace. It’s beautiful. If there must be a weakest link, this is it. More of ‘Silencia’ than either of the albums before it could be considered background music. Still, it remains a worthy conclusion to a tragic, touching, and essential story.

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