PIJN, CONJURER- ‘Curse These Metal Hands’

In the past year or so, Pijn and Conjurer have proven the UK metal scene to be full of life and promise. This, a full-on proper collaboration between the two bands, might even be better than the sum of its parts, though. Given the people responsible (and perhaps even that title if you didn’t know it was a Peep Show reference) you’d be forgiven for bracing for an intense metallic assault here. But while there are some gargled vocals and riffs that will make your face do that squishy thing, ‘Curse These Metal Hands’ is meant as something of a salve for such serious times. In the band’s own words, “It’s purely just some songs we made to induce joy”. So, there’s lush glimmering leads, dense epicness, and a triple-guitar approach that will put a smile on your face just as much as a crick in your neck. I’m not kidding, parts of this would sound perfectly at home on the soundtrack to a Bill & Ted movie. A delight.

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