Among the American metalcore, Mexican noise, British punk, and Spanish screams in the darkness on this month’s playlist, I hope you find something to love.

  • NORMA JEAN- [Mind Over Mind]
  • FRIENDSHIP- Punishment
  • MIND POWER- See Me
  • HESITATION WOUNDS- Paragons of Virtue
  • CLEANUP- Grey Lion
  • EL SHIROTA- Tarde/Temprano
  • CHASTITY- Sun Poisoning
  • NERVUS- Flies
  • MUSKETS- Detention
  • BROKEN FIELD RUNNER- Palm Trees Wave
  • CRUSHED BEAKS- Sky Burial
  • TRACE MOUNTAINS- Where It Goes
  • THOM YORKE- Dawn Chorus
  • WEAR YOUR WOUNDS- Tomorrow’s Sorrow
  • OUTLANDER- Drown
  • FOSCOR- Cel Rogent
  • WE LOST THE SEA– Towers

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