JUNRO- ‘From Hell’

There’s a distinctly unfashionable whiff to Junro’s debut album. The New England outfit’s chunky, melodic rock is reminiscent of early Incubus, latter-day Taproot, and even Alien Ant Farm. Despite that, or perhaps even because of it, ‘From Hell’ is an engaging and addictive listen. The title track is a bouncy, surprisingly technical slice of punk, ‘Invincible’ feels like the best song Four Year Strong never wrote, and while on first listen ‘Burnt’ might sound like an upbeat, simple throwback to the rock’n’roll of the early-2000s, there’s a ton to chew on- colourful, tight drumming, Dave Nelson’s gymnastic vocal inflections, a guitar solo! ‘From Hell’ is not cool, like, not cool at all, but Junro ably carry a fire long gone dim. They just don’t make them like this anymore.

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