From time to time I wrestle with giving ModerateRock sharper focus. Should we pivot to post-hardcore or go all-in on modern ambient? But then I hear something new, something I fall so quick and hard in love with, that wouldn’t fall within whatever lines might have to be drawn, and I say focus be damned.

If you long for ever more crushing riffs as much as new shoegaze, and clamour for killer melodies as much as post-rock power, then this list is for you- this month and most likely every month. I hope you find something to love.

  • THORNHILL- Coven
  • WE NEVER LEARNED TO LIVE- Android Anaesthetist
  • DIANACRAWLS– Us Anyway
  • WORE- I Wish I Was Numb
  • ALEXISONFIRE- Complicit
  • BARS OF GOLD- Worthless Chorus
  • TRAUMA RAY- Relay
  • BLACK DIRTY- River Rats
  • KELLEN- That Time
  • FUTURE TEENS- Emotional Bachelor
  • SOTE- Brass Tacks
  • BEIGE PALACE- Candy Pink Sparkle
  • EFRIM MANUEL MENUCK & KEVIN DORIA- Do the Police Embrace?
  • LAZYBONES FLAME KIDS– Seven Kings of Rome
  • EMPLOYED TO SERVE- Bare Bones on a Blue Sky
  • THROES– They Never Spoke
  • FULL OF HELL- Aria of Jeweled Tears

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