USA NAILS- ‘Life Cinema’

I don’t know man. I feel seen here. The fourth album from the very UK-based USA Nails is about the human hamster wheel. My human hamster wheel. This is 12 tracks in 25 minutes, raging at the relentless monotony of commute, clock in, clock out, check social media, sleep and start again. ‘Smile’ is fuzzed-out noise-rock fury, ‘Creative Industries’ turns the refrain of “instant this, instant that, you’re instant nothing” into a barb that won’t slide out of your skin, and I swear you can hear train tracks clacking in the rumble of ‘You Wish’. And keyboards clacking. And copies of copies of copies. It’s not totally relentless- there are devious guitar melodies running amok throughout- and there’s no doubt these songs will be ultra effective live, but ‘Life Cinema’ would be a joy if it wasn’t so bloody nerve-racking. But how do you stop the ride? How do you get off? How to be authentic? Can’t change my ways. Can I? Got bills to pay. I feel incredibly seen. 

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