The world isn’t tilting off its axis, carbon monoxide is at safe levels, and it’s not vertigo. The actual cause of that queasy lurch you’re feeling is ‘Leg’, the debut album by Beige Palace. From the opening droning tones of ‘Mum, Tell Him’ (which is such a good title) to the final ramshackle stomp of ‘Dinner Practice’ the Leeds outfit take relentless pleasure in defying convention, pulling rugs, and switching the kilter as far off as it will go. There are eerie strings, found sounds, acapella caterwauls and antsy rants, and that’s all before the halfway point. This is music made to make you feel weird.
As hard as ‘Leg’ kicks though, it’s rarely confrontational. In fact, instead of bruising your skin it threatens to creep right under it- so odd and uncompromising that it’s impossible to forget. One of the topsiest turviest records you’ll hear all year.

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