Jesus, what a month. Difficult not to think the world is one big dustball that deserves to get shot into the sun. But then there’s music, there’s always music. I hope you find something to love. Love is important.

  • BARONESS- Borderlines
  • LAGS– Knives and Wounds
  • BRUTUS- Blind
  • IDIOT PILOT- Silver Needle
  • WESTKRUST- Drive
  • NANAMI OZONE- 3 Mile Drive
  • HORSEFLIES- Denial
  • PILE- Bruxist Grin
  • SUGAR HORSE- Your Degree Is Worthless…
  • SAUDADE- Shadows & Light
  • MICHAEL ABELS- I Got 5 On It (Tethered Mix)
  • THE PRODIGY- Beyond the Deathray
  • WORRIEDABOUTSATAN- Dig Into Your Memory
  • ALASKAN TAPES- On Deer Island
  • DANIEL THORNE- From the Other Side of the World
  • WILLIAM BASINSKI- On Time Out of Time 1.1
  • A MOTE OF DUST- Slow Clap
  • SASAMI- Pacify My Heart
  • CARACARA- Better
  • LA DISPUTE- Rhodonite and Grief
  • AMERICAN FOOTBALL- Doom in Full Bloom
  • FOALS- Sunday
  • UPSET STOMACH- Lost Love
  • PUNCH ON!- Expect Nothing
  • NUVOLASCURA- Flower Offering
  • DEGRAEY– Sprawling Nest
  • OUTLIER- Thread Through a Loom
  • ALTARAGE– Inhabitant
  • VENOM PRISON- Matriphagy

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