A weird month, this. February often finds a new year gearing into full swing. It’s a little grey and rainy, sure, but it’s still a time to look back and spring forward. No thanks to tragedy, politics, and the powers that be though, this time around- at least in the UK- time seems to have stood still.

Thank the gods for new music then, an ever faithful measure and mark for progress, a spark in the gloom. And my word, what sparks- from ferocious UK hardcore to Japanese noise metal, striking classical oddness to powerful post rock, and beyond- I hope you find something to love.

  • ALEXISONFIRE- ‘Familiar Drugs’
  • CATORCE- ‘Caribdis’
  • RED HARE– ‘Little Acts of Destruction’
  • BLANKET- ‘Beacons’
  • SHY BOYS- ‘Dim the Light’
  • TEEN DAZE- ‘Endless Light’
  • 36- ‘Night Rain’
  • YVETTE YOUNG- ‘Reminisce’
  • BEARTHOVEN- ‘Gas Station Canon Song’
  • LUSTMORD- ‘So Be It’
  • MAJOR KONG– ‘The Mechanism’
  • NEW IDEA SOCIETY- ‘Now Is Here’
  • IRK– ‘Insect Worship’
  • INTER ARMA- ‘Citadel’
  • DOWNFALL OF GAIA- ‘The Grotesque Illusion of Being’
  • ZAO– ‘Transmission 2: I Saw the Devil’
  • SHIN GUARD- ‘2007’
  • ENDON– ‘Heart Shaped Brain’
  • HAIR PULLER- ‘Old Friend’
  • MASTIFF– ‘Bubonic’
  • ITHACA- Impulse Crush’
  • MINORS- ‘Consumed’

Hey, at least I’ve stopped writing 2018 when I mean 2019!

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