BLACK TO COMM- ‘Seven Horses for Seven Kings’

It feels incredibly safe to say that ‘Seven Horses for Seven Kings’, the latest record from German sound designer Marc Richter, won’t be for everyone. For some, just the haunting, harrowing drones of the opening track will be too much noise terror to handle. Others though, those brave enough to go on, will experience an unforgettable hour of music. ‘Ten Tons of Rain in a Plastic Cup’ sounds like both an air raid siren and whatever gnashing, wailing danger it might warn of, ‘Licking the Fig Tree’ layers jazz trumpet into musty dark ambience and somehow doesn’t suck, while ‘Fly on You’ is the kind of range-filling rattle and hum that Fuck Buttons used to do so well. And we’re just scratching the surface here. The record is flush with deep secrets in its shadowy corners and, on headphones, in the dark, this thing could be terrifyingly transcendental. It is anxiety turned into song, it’s an exorcism gone wrong, and it’s definitely coming to get you.

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