SONANCE- ‘To Possess You Entirely’

Some music works as background listening. And that’s fine. But some music refuses to exist anywhere but in the closest foreground. So damn close. The latest album from Bristol doom crew Sonance is firmly in the latter category. Oh, you can try and ignore the opening, ambient movement here but when ‘Manipulation Domination Control’ finally explodes it will stop you in your tracks. It will grab you by the ears and through 15 minutes of almost-orchestral drone, hammering metal, and horror movie soundtrack shrieks, it won’t let go. ‘To Possess You Entirely’ is not necessarily a bludgeon though. Yes, ‘I Thirst’ is the audio equivalent of one of those toxic deep-sea vents but the ominous quiet of the title track will mesmerize just as much. This is irrefutably foreground listening then. This is 40 minutes of music that’s impossible to ignore. This is Sonance’s best work and then some.

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