This is great. ‘Snuff’, the sophomore album by Lingua Nada, is a kid that can’t sit still, a glitter cannon fired straight into your brain, an audacious, bodacious triumph. While the German band’s debut tried and perhaps mildly succeeded in pulling away from an indie rock template, this thing is just something else. Opener ‘SVRF Party’ starts exactly like its name suggests it should before rumbling forward to include garage rock riffs, beachy melodies, dream pop, erratic, electronic excitement and the soundtrack to a teenage riot. All of that and it’s still one of the most straightforward tracks here. ‘LVL 100’ is appropriately titled, dialling everything- volume, weirdness, wonderfulness- up as high as it will go, ‘Mechakintosh’ distorts a Chordettes classic into an unused 90s cartoon theme tune, and while the beginning of ‘A Netflix Original’ would probably burn if you could touch it, it blossoms into one of the most beautiful moments on the record. That ‘Snuff’ works at all is remarkable, that it’s so damn good is a minor miracle. Play it loud.

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