Sure feels like the end of 2018 is screaming up fast huh? Before we truly enter list season and Album of the Year territory though, October was worth stopping and listening out for. From new names to returning legends, from neoclassical gloom to brusing British everythingcore, and three bands with deities in their name, the #moderaterockrecommends playlist features my favourite tracks of the month. I hope you find something to love.

  • KAROLINA REC- ‘Surface’
  • WITXES- ‘Disruptions’
  • THE NIETZSCHE- ‘Shake Your Spear’
  • GOD COMPLEX- ‘Breeding Filth’
  • GLACIAL TOMB- ‘Sunless Dawn’
  • RACETRAITOR- ‘Cataclysm’
  • SOULFLY- ‘Evil Empowered’
  • GRIN- ‘Seclusion’
  • LEONOV– ‘Eucharist’
  • BLEETH- ‘A Lapse’
  • ZATOKREV– ‘Silent Gods’
  • DAUGHTERS- ‘Daughter’
  • YOUNG JESUS– ‘Deterritory’
  • MEWITHOUTYOU- ‘Another Head for Hydra’
  • BASEMENT- ‘Keepsake’
  • BIG JESUS– ‘Nothing Like I Thought’
  • STRANGE RANGER- ‘New Hair’
  • ORCHARDS- ‘Darling’
  • BOYGENIUS- ‘Bite the Hand’
  • EPIC45- ‘We Don’t Live Here Anymore’
  • SET AND SETTING– ‘Elucidation’
  • THE BLACK QUEEN– ‘Porcelain Veins’
  • MATT CALVERT- ‘12048’
  • COVET- ‘Glimmer’
  • RAIME- ‘In Media Res’
  • POLYPHIA- ‘O.D.’
  • THISQUIETARMY– ‘Seismic Waves’

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