YOUNG JESUS- ‘The Whole Thing Is Just There’

This is a car crash. But, y’know, in a good way. In the way that there’s chaos and confusion in the air- songs seem to twist and sharply turn, jam-session emo to poetic indie rock to something new, as jarring noises cut through silence and sudden quiets fall without warning. In the way that there are pieces bent out of shape and spread everywhere- ‘The Whole Thing Is Just There’ is made of discordant guitar, sombre piano, John Rossiter’s shredded caterwaul, and so much adrenaline and adventure. And yet, despite all that, it’s in the way that this is tough to turn away from- even at their loosest and most unpredictable, Young Jesus remain magnetic and compelling, and every song is so much more than the sum of its off-kilter parts. This LA-based outfit have made healthy bounds forward with each new release and this is no different. The whole thing is just great.

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