WILD CAT STRIKE- ‘Rhubarb Nostalgia’

Like hedgerow flowers laced with hypnotic drugs, Wild Cat Strike might seem innocent enough at a distance but up close, they’ll put you under their spell. The Brighton-based outfit did already mark themselves as ones to listen to with a series of beguiling, slow-burn post-emo singles over the past year, but while ‘Rhubarb Nostalgia’ contains more of that, there’s new power and pace here too. That can mean some songs seem to be in a rush to reach their crescendo but ‘Lemonade’ is both smoky lounge act and righteous jam session, ‘Satellite Towns’ lulls you in with lush layers before letting rip, and the title track is the most romantic sea shanty ever written. There are also clever touches of folk, twangs of Americana, and Danny Byrom’s unique caterwaul and off-kilter, poetic lyrics. It might still be too twee for some, but under a charming surface there are melodies, harmonies, hooks and ideas here capable of snagging in your brain for days.

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