SLOW CRUSH- ‘Aurora’

Some records don’t scream “look at me” but still catch your ear. Some records don’t shake the ground before them but politely make their mark by doing all the right things in the right order. These are records like ‘Aurora’. Because while this debut by fantastically-named Belgian quartet Slow Crush isn’t going to make anyone’s jaw drop or drag nu-shoegaze (or whatever the genre is called this week) into the mainstream, it’s a quietly confident, damn cool, warm and welcoming calling card. The bouncy ‘Glow’ is as fast as they go, dreamy pop pushed to eleven, while ‘Collide’ is barely there. Not every song will grab your collar and demand attention on first listen but it’s all perfectly autumnal and excellently made so leave it spinning, give it enough time, and it will seep into your pores, poke around in your brain, and find a place to stay. A slow crush indeed.

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