BIRDS IN ROW- ‘We Already Lost the World’

This is how you do it. Birds in Row have been great for a while now but this, the French outfit’s second full-length, is something else. From the grungy, ominous introduction of ‘We Count So We Don’t Have to Listen’ to the final ferocious roar of of ‘Fossils’, the band have taken their hardcore punk blueprint and expertly expanded it, incorporating rolling noise rock, post-punk, and sombre clean vocals. Fans of their more frantic earlier work should not fear, ‘I Don’t Dance’ might have a music video but no chorus, ‘Triste Sire’ is a firebomb of a song, and even the lightest stuff here carries a heavy emotional weight. The boys in Birds have clearly soaked up every possible drop of creative flair and confidence from touring with scene-leading pioneers Converge and Neurosis but, essentially, ‘We Already Lost the World’ is a unique, inventive effort. Vital stuff.

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