MODERN RITUALS- ‘The Light That Leaks In’

Modern Rituals are a sore thumb. They play rock music but it comes out in twisted shapes and odd angles, with scant regard for scenes, structures and formula. They write these wonky songs with acoustic guitars but if their debut album is anything to go by, they record them with rolling boulders. And they do it all while on a predominantly metal and hardcore label too. Let’s just confirm then that, yes, the UK outfit stick out. ‘Entrail’ accelerates from a starry slow-burner to one of the best riffs of the year, ‘Hermit Kuppling’ expands until it bursts, and despite being a song about death, ‘A Guide for the Sick’ is bold and beautiful. It never once sounds like Modern Rituals are forcing any of the hard turns, tempo shifts, or mood swings here. Instead, like The Jesus Lizard, Pixies, or Pile before them, oddness is in their DNA. Standout stuff.

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