This month’s Spotify playlist was brought to you by burnt-Earth hardcore, upbeat post-rock, ambient sounds (light, and oh so dark), Lando Calrissian, and… is that the guitarist from Limp Bizkit!?

I hope you find something to love.

  • LIMBS- ‘Father’s Son’
  • BAPTISTS- ‘Beacon of Faith’
  • GROUP OF MAN- ‘Can’t Hack the Straight Life’
  • ANTIGUO- ‘Black Glitter’
  • TAKE ONE CAR- ‘White Flag’
  • JENNY BESETZT- ‘Authorless Speech’
  • CARACARA- ‘Evil’
  • HER NAME IS CALLA- ‘Condor and River’
  • IMPRINTS- ‘Wardenclyffe Tower’
  • JON HOPKINS- ‘Feel First Life’
  • ACTRESS- ‘Chaos Rain’
  • THE BLACK DOG- ‘Nothing Ever Changes’
  • WES BORLAND- ‘Matadors and Daughters’
  • CHILDISH GAMBINO- ‘This Is America’
  • BANGLADEAFY- ‘Tundra Suntan’
  • LA JUNGLE- ‘Technically You’re Dead’
  • TANCRED- ‘Something Else’
  • HEADS.- ‘Urges’
  • WESS MEETS WEST- ‘Skylar, There’s Rot’
  • MAN MOUNTAIN- ‘Memory Trace’
  • RLYR- ‘Artificial Horizons’
  • HUSBANDRY- ‘Elder Spencer Deery’
  • VAMPILLIA- ‘Back to…’
  • THE HIRS COLLECTIVE- ‘Wake Up Tomorrow’
  • SVALBARD- ‘Pro-Life?’
  • SCARLET- ‘Obsolete’

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