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Lirr are so damn good. The German outfit have been together for a couple of years now and toured quite a bit but it took a late-night chance discovery on YouTube for their crossover sound to cross over to my ears…

From there I backtracked to the band’s excellent debut album, ‘God’s On Our Side; Welcome To The Jungle’, which, if I had known about at the time, would’ve confidently made my 2017 album of the year list.

Ostensibly, they play emo greatly inspired by the genre’s 90s heyday, but it doesn’t take long to hear that there’s lots more going on. From hardcore riffs and screams to soul croons, drum machines, dream pop, and Metallica references, no Lirr song is quite like the one before it. I say, I say, damn good.

Riotous rock for fans of On The Might of Princes, Secondsmile, I Love Your Lifestyle, and other bands with ridiculous names.

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