SIGUR ROS- ‘Route One’

Two years ago the members of Sigur Ros hired a van and drove a 24-hour circuit of Iceland’s largest ring road, streaming the whole thing on YouTube while a pioneering piece of software used the component parts of one of their new songs to create a living, breathing, unique soundtrack. Now, if that sentence alone doesn’t pique your interest in ‘Route One’, perhaps the music here, the condensed version of that epic recording, will. There are eight tracks over 40 minutes but really it’s one hypnotic, shapeshifting piece. There are ebbing, flowing synths, bubbling keys, rushes of static and steam, and even alien, no, robot vocals. With no hint of rock, only post-, it won’t be for everyone, but this is no gimmick, it’s some of the most affecting music Sigur Ros have ever made. And, what with this and 65daysofstatic using a similar process to create the soundtrack to No Man’s Sky, maybe they’ve found a new way of making it too.

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