There was lots going on in April’s Spotify playlist– US hardcore, Canadian punk, Swedish screaming, and British bleeps and bloops. Every note floats my boat and it was all arranged to ebb and flow like a proper mixtape but does the wide variety seem a little schizophrenic? Does it limit the playlist’s appeal?

Is all this only for me? Not sure.

Should I stop rambling? Definitely.

I hope you find something to love.

  • IGORR- ‘Probleme d’emotion’
  • SUNNATA- ‘Gordian Knot’
  • EASY PREY– ‘Teeth’
  • CANCER BATS– ‘Can’t Sleep’
  • ELDSTAD– ‘Container’
  • WAR ON WOMEN- ‘Divisive Shit’
  • YES I’M LEAVING- ‘Davey Bowie’
  • KITCHEN’S FLOOR- ‘Bitter Defeat’
  • GIRAFFES? GIRAFFES!- ‘Knife Eyes: ’04 Jailbreak’
  • VITAMIN SUN- ‘You Were’
  • SLOTH & TURTLE- ‘Toys’
  • GOLD KEY- ‘Kerosene’
  • GREAT WIGHT- ‘Germany, 1991’
  • HAVE A GOOD SEASON- ‘Shel Silverstein’
  • ARROWS IN HER- ‘While Everyone Is Talking’
  • FOR EVEREST- ‘I’m in a Boxcar Buried Inside a Quarry’
  • CAYETANA- ‘Am I Dead Yet?’
  • GREAT GRANDPA- ‘Teen Challenge’
  • KATIE ELLEN- ‘Sad Girls Club’
  • HOP ALONG- ‘The Fox in Motion’
  • A PERFECT CIRCLE- ‘Delicious’
  • FAILURE- ‘Paralytic Flow’
  • RIVAL CONSOLES- ‘Untravel’
  • SIGUR ROS– ’63º32’43.7″N 19º43’46.3″W’
  • NEST- ‘Marefjellet’
  • PALLOW- ‘Idle Minds’
  • ROYAL CODA- ‘Cut Me Under’
  • TESSERACT- ‘Smile’
  • UNDEROATH- ‘In Motion’
  • HOPESFALL- ‘H.A. Wallace Space Academy’
  • PALM READER- ‘Swarm’
  • BLANCK MASS- ‘Odd Scene’
  • GOST- ‘Garruth’
  • ALAN SILVESTRI- ‘Infinity War’

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