March’s Spotify playlist was a monster. It started heavy with the like of Will Haven (who just released their best record in almost 20 years), Yards (featuring former Ghost of a Thousand frontman Tom Lacey), and Rolo Tomassi (who might have snatched album of the year honours already) before moving on to include punk rock old and new, post-hardcore from South Korea, emo from China, and electro-rock (?) from France. Then there’s a few slow-burners at the end, including the most eerie cut from the Annihilation soundtrack. If the movie is fantastic but flawed, the soundtrack is something else- maybe even the best work of composers Geoff Barrow and Ben Salisbury.

Every single note here floats my boat. I hope you find something to love.

  • WILL HAVEN– ‘El Sol’
  • YARDS- ‘Future Tyrants’
  • CONJURER- ‘Retch’
  • ROLO TOMASSI– ‘Alma Mater’
  • MILANKU- ‘On s’├ępuise’
  • LOCKTENDER- ‘The Monk by the Sea’
  • ONDT BLOD- ‘Start Han Opp’
  • HOT SNAKES- ‘Death Camp Fantasy’
  • GHOST IDOLS- ‘Drones’
  • THE FEVER 333- ‘Made an America’
  • PICTURESQUE- ‘Speak Softly’
  • HOUSEHOLD- ‘Dark Matter’
  • MODERN RITUALS– ‘The Engine’
  • HOLLOW JAN- ‘Spotless’
  • CASEY- ‘Needlework’
  • DROWSE- ‘Rain Leak’
  • TEENAGE WRIST- ‘Black Flamingo’
  • YOUNG FATHERS- ‘In My View’
  • JEAN JEAN- ‘Konichiwa’
  • MONOBODY- ‘Lifeguard of a Helpless Body’
  • SUPER WHATEVR- ‘Misquote’
  • PARDONER- ‘Blue Hell’
  • PIXIES- ‘Break My Body’
  • THE BREEDERS- ‘All Nerve’
  • CAMP COPE- ‘Animal & Real’
  • CHINESE FOOTBALL– ‘Electronic Girl’
  • WILD CAT STRIKE– ‘Graves’
  • PETER KERNEL- ‘Men of the Women’
  • MOBY- ‘This Wild Darkness’
  • SORORITY NOISE- ‘A Better Sun (Rearranged 2018)’
  • S. CAREY- ‘Meadow Song’
  • NINE INCH NAILS- ‘The Frail’
  • BEN FROST- ‘All That You Love Will Be Eviscerated’
  • LUDWIG GORANSSON- ‘Casino Brawl’
  • COLD BLUE MOUNTAIN- ‘Seed of Dissent’
  • CAVE IN ‘Trepanning’

And relax!

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