EASY PREY- ‘Teeth’

‘Teeth’, the debut effort from Texas four-piece Easy Prey, is a record you would cross the street to avoid. It’s a lurching, lumbering, bastard of a thing that seems like it might spit out blood as quickly as riffs. The opening title track sounds like a rust-bucket deathtrap revving into life before thrashing itself apart, ‘Weak Knees’ is a battering ram, while ‘Flattery’ takes a dusty grunge blueprint and slowly shreds it. This is no dumb noise though. Like Young Widows and Kowloon Walled City before them, Easy Prey bury rusty hooks, nifty brilliance, and biting lyrics inside their caveman swing- this is no macho bulllshit, these are searing hot songs of frustration and confusion and rage and aging. It’s all captured with a lively “in the room” production too so there’s no looking away, no ignoring this. ‘Teeth’ is terrific.

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