NO OMEGA- ‘Culture’

No Omega go to work. Since 2012 the Stockholm quartet have been relentlessly touring, writing and recording music. ‘Culture’, though, is the best they’ve ever sounded. It’s tough to say that the band’s sound has been crystallised because there’s nothing bright or shiny or easy to look at here but everything they do best has been brought into relentless, fearsome focus. Songs sound like storm clouds, vocals are passionate and powerful, and an excellent production job adds weight to even the wiliest riffs. The band say they play fast and they play loud to block out the sound of a world falling apart so maybe it’s the current state of… well, everything, that has led to the bristling title track, the raw power of ‘Feral Houses’, and the blackout rage of ‘Cogs’ but whatever the dark inspiration, the result is a beacon of brilliance.

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