CONVERGE- ‘The Dusk in Us’

It feels like Converge can do no wrong. Since 2001 and the release of ‘Jane Doe’ the hardcore pioneers have been on an untouchable run of form. Their ferocity, focus, and ability to slightly alter their course to incorporate new elements without comprising quality- here noise rock, woozy ambience, and whisper it, melody- have all become legendary. One thing they are not famous for though, is hope. But five years on from perhaps Converge’s darkest record, ‘The Dusk in Us’ dares to let in a little light. ‘Under Duress’ is a lumbering beasty of song but leaves plenty of space between strides, the title track goes from sombre acoustic guitar to mammoth post-metal, and ‘A Single Tear’, a throat-lump-inducing ode to fatherhood, even finds frontman Jacob Bannon howling “I knew I had to survive”. Instead of dulling any of their extremity though, the extra breathing room leaves the band sounding more organic and alive and essential than ever. As a result ‘The Dusk in Us’ might be Converge’s most complete work. It’s certainly one of the albums of the year.

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