Life is tough and only getting tougher. That’s the message on ‘Worry’, the debut album from Bedfordshire five-piece, Canvas. And the music they use to soundtrack their tales of woe, anxiety, and fear is fire-breathing hardcore heartily mixed with sky-scraping post-rock. It’s something that has been done before of course but, from the almost-orchestral choruses of ‘Medicate Me’ to the scorched earth fury of ‘The Death of Us’, Canvas ensure their combination is heady and wholly convincing. If anything, they could be bolder, expand the more abstract and excellent ambient elements here, and get closer to something truly unique. All in, ‘Worry’ racks and roars for little over a half hour but it’s just enough. Any more and it could become an exhausting experience. Instead, as ‘All Alone’ rings to a close, it feels like an emotional trip worth taking again and again.

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