AMERICAN ENTHUSIASM- ‘American Enthusiasm’

Some records kick in your door and demand attention. Others tap politely on your shoulder. The second EP from American Enthusiasm (Cornwall native Sam Bedford and friends) might be even more well-mannered than that. Sure there is some gruff wailing and a little feedback here but even considering the fuzzy rock’n’roll of ‘Three Years’ or the grungy pop of ‘Broken Wheel’ you could comfortably take all of these tunes home and introduce them to your mother. Bedford is nice in a bunch of different ways too- touching on surf rock, acoustic melancholia, and shoegaze in just 15 minutes. Some of the well-mannered mixture sounds like its being played underwater, or at least coming through your neighbour’s wall, but that actually suits it just fine and there’s a sense that American Enthusiasm would sound the same given all the money and time in the world.

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