SUNDRA- Crossings

You can just about make this out through the haze. A second record from the Wisconsin-based Sundra, ‘Crossings’ is well represented by its cover art and best-suited to sunny summer Sunday afternoon listening. ‘Whale Song’ features no whale song but vinyl crackles, dusty synths and long, languid guitar tones are all present and correct, ‘Chances’ layers subtle liquid bass under atmospheric twinkles and stone-baked drum loops, and ‘Lover From Another Life’ ups the ante just enough to suggest a love of ‘Endtroducing’-era DJ Shadow. Elsewhere, some melodies wobble and warp wonderfully, like the music has been left out in the sun too long, while others just wither away, unfinished. It’s not exactly background music but there’s certainly nothing imposing here either.

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