As an avid American football fan (Go Pats!), I’ve always been fond of Football, Etc.’s neat line in sport-specific song titles. Much more than that though, they’re the friendliest dudes around and their sweet, earnest emo has improved with every new release. On ‘Corner’, the Texan trio have apparently changed games (Come on Fulham!), but their music maintains that special something. ‘Save’ showcases the band’s best features- Lindsay Milton’s unassuming, sweet vocals over Mercy Harper’s fuzzy, full bass tones, and their knack for building songs from soft beginnings to big finishes- ‘Nutmeg’ has all the melodies, and ‘I Believe’ could propel the band from scene stalwarts to emo flagbearers, whether they want it to happen or not. Some songs are less immediate than others but this is such an easy listen and absolutely everything sinks in after repeated spins. Lovely stuff.

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