Shizune go to work. Since forming in 2012, the Italian screamo mob have recorded, played, and DIY-made at a restless, remarkable pace, including releasing new music on average every six months. All in three different languages too. It’s not quantity over quality either, every release has been better than the last, and ‘CHEAT DEATH…’ (this thing definitely earns the all-caps) continues the fast and furious tradition. With 10 tracks bundled into 15 minutes it’s perhaps no surprise that this is harsher than the band’s last album, but there is still depth here, layers of hazy fuzz and fleeting melodies emerge through the noise, and repeated listens reward even more details. Yes, they owe plenty to genre forefathers like Orchid and fellow countrymen Raein but Shizune’s energy, work ethic and ear-shredding tunes are exemplary.

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