Listen to ELDSTAD

Eldstad have come out of nowhere for me.

I stumbled across the band’s emotional, immersive new album ‘Hamnstad, Hemstad’ and fell in love within 30 seconds. And then over the next 25 minutes I couldn’t do anything else but listen. And then, when the record stopped spinning, I just wanted to start it up again.

A contender for album of the year. From out of absolutely nowhere.

But this Swedish outfit are far from newcomers. After forming in Gothenburg in 2011, Eldstad made waves in their local then national scene. They’ve headlined festivals. The band released two EPs and two singles between 2012 and 2016 before releasing their debut album, ‘Att hata livet men älska att leva’, in 2014.

‘Hamnstad, Hemstad’ is a significant step up though. An earnest, inventive, heartfelt record that feels all at once familiar and unique. You can get a fresh taste of it by pressing play below.

For fans of Blindside, Viva Belgrado, and Glassjaw.

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