Albums of the year lists usually come easy around here. Oh sure, there’s some always some debate, ‘hmm, should that be at 7 or 8’, but by the time December rolls around, it’s normally become pretty clear exactly who will make the cut. Not so in 2016. This year there could have been a Top 50.

So please, seek out the albums that came close- absolute bangers like Norma Jean’s newest, and calming lullabies like ‘Vigils’ by Richard J Birkin- but revel in the records that, for us, propelled themselves above the rest. Moderate Rock’s albums of the 2016. 11 because Spinal Tap.

11. IAN WILLIAM CRAIG- ‘Centres’
10. THREE TRAPPED TIGERS- ‘Silent Earthling’
9. NOTHING- ‘Tired of Tomorrow’
8. BASEMENT- ‘Promise Everything’
7. RADIOHEAD- ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’
5. DEFTONES- ‘Gore’
4. EVERY TIME I DIE- ‘Low Teens’
3. THE BLACK QUEEN- ‘Fever Daydream’
2. BON IVER- ’22, a Million’
1. BOSSK- ‘Audio Noir’

Shout out also to Run the Jewels for releasing an album on Christmas day that’s so good it almost scraped into the list, and John Carpenter’s ‘Classic Themes Redux’ for being EP of the year.

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