HESITATION WOUNDS- Awake for Everything

This isn’t a supergroup. Sure, a bunch of folks know what Jeremy Bolm, Neeraj Kane, Stephen LaCour and Jay Weinberg have done before but way more people would have to fire up a search engine to find out. Hell, the guy who mixed this record, erstwhile Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou, is a bigger deal. This isn’t a supergroup and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. That, however, doesn’t stop their debut album from being a bloodthirsty rager. ‘Operatic’ is a dark, somehow gothic-feeling opener, ‘Bleach’ is less than two minutes long but full of shifting, squirming changes in speed, and ‘Away’ is Deftonesian doom, all of it built without fat, played at full force. It’s lyrically blunt, but that’s probably what happens when you write a whole album in three days, and staying power is an issue- mere minutes after its over not much of ‘Awake..’ will stay with you- but it doesn’t half feel fresh and deadly and direct while it plays. Half an hour of power.


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