EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY introduce new album

This feels like it has been a long time coming.

Explosions in the Sky have announced that their new album, their first since 2011’s ‘Take Care…’, will be out via Temporary Residence on April 1st. It will be called ‘The Wilderness’, and the existence of artwork and a tracklisting (both below) pretty much guarantees this isn’t an April Fools. Right? Right!?

  • ‘Wilderness’
  • ‘The Ecstatics’
  • ‘Tangle Formations’
  • ‘Logic Of a Dream’
  • ‘Disintegration Anxiety’
  • ‘Losing the Light’
  • ‘Infinite Orbit’
  • ‘Colors in Space’
  • ‘Landing Cliffs’

From those titles alone it seems to me like the band might have been digging some space-rock influences lately. Which would be awesome.

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