BOYSETSFIRE announce new album

Hardcore stalwarts Boysetsfire will release their new album on September 25th. You can hear the first taste of the self-titled effort, the band’s sixth full-length, via a lucky fan’s Facebook page.

This is yet another example of the band connecting directly with their fan’s in a direct and unique way, and you should watch out for further sounds spread in a similar fashion because the idea is too damn neat to do just once.

In the words of frontman Nathan Gray, “This album has quickly become one of my favorites we’ve ever done, and I am dying to get it out there. In albums past, we’ve talked a lot about all the terrible things going on in this world, and this time, we’ve focused a lot on sort of overcoming all of that. It’s a much more positive vibe. Musically, there are some incredible, huge sounds on this album. It’s very much us.”

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