REFUSED are back!

Refused are fucking alive!

While rumours of the band’s return seemed to be greatly exaggerated even a year ago, talk of a new album persisted, and now it’s finally official. ‘Freedom’, the band’s first album since 1998’s essential ‘The Shape of Punk to Come’, will be out June 29th via Epitaph. Cover art and tracklisting is below.

But you don’t want cover art do you? You want action. You want heat. You want the new beat.

You want to know how does a band follow up one of the greatest albums of all time! Well, if you’re Refused, you do it just like this…

I cannot wait to hear the rest of this record!

  • Elektra
  • Old Friends / New War
  • Dawkins Christ
  • Françafrique
  • Thought Is Blood
  • War On The Palaces
  • Destroy The Man
  • 366
  • Servants Of Death
  • Useless Europeans

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