ETIDFPAMaybe metal has lost its edge. Maybe I’m getting old* Whatever the reason, the all-out righteous anger and downtuned danger of previous year’s best-of lists has faded a tad here. Moderate Rock’s albums of 2014 in some kind of order. 11 because Spinal Tap:

11. Maybeshewill ‘Fair Youth’
10. Every Time I Die ‘From Parts Unknown’
9. Run the Jewels ‘Run the Jewels 2’
8. This Will Destroy You ‘Another Language’
7. The Acacia Strain ‘Coma Witch’
6. Code Orange ‘I Am King’
5. Bane ‘Don’t Wait Up’
4. Asgeir ‘In the Silence’
3. ’68 ‘In Humor and Sadness’
2. SOHN ‘Tremors’
1. Goodtime Boys ‘Rain’

and shout out to the Cloudkicker ‘Little Histories’ EP for being an EP and not an album like i thought, and to the Her soundtrack for being the album that i listened to most that actually came out in 2013.

*I’m definitely getting old.

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