BRAVE BIRD- Maybe You, No One Else Worth It

This thing never settles, and I mean that in the best possible way. Fizzy, fun and full of variety, the first full-length (although four of these songs are re-recorded cuts from a debut EP) from Michigan trio Brave Bird is Kinsella-esque emo done with some style. ‘Too Late Now’ is a fast-starting slice of sparkly, starry-eyed almost-pop punk, the title track is packed with brilliant bits and barely feels like half of its six-minute run time, and a redone ‘Scared Enough’ pinballs into everything- from bruised-heart vocals and post-hardcore heaviness to sunny melodies, superb drumming, and elastic guitar acrobatics- it’s the band’s best calling card. America’s emo scene is brimming with new names, hell there’s barely even room in Michigan for more, but Brave Bird are one of the special ones, a group who here sound, no, feel, like they could be bigger than scenes and boxes and all that stuff. Ace.

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