TU AMORE- Your Love

This is classy. The sneakily-self-titled ‘Your Love’ is neat, tidy and tightly packed. Oh, it won’t blow any socks off but Tu Amore don’t really put a foot wrong here either. And for the debut material from a band barely a year old, that’s pretty bloody impressive.

The Peterborough quartet make an impact early as well. First track ‘I’m a Mess’ is actually expertly organised post-hardcore, coming on like prime Thrice, deft and memorable. At around six minutes long and at a much more sedate pace, both ‘Bird in a Cage’ and ‘Love With No Limit’ could feel clunky by comparison but the band slow things down in style, frontman Ben Mackareth showing off his range while almost telling stories instead of singing songs. Elsewhere there are more ace, earthy guitar tones, the bluesy, stripped-back sadness of Bright Eyes and the lush layers that come with a steady diet of Muse and Radiohead.

Despite borrowing from plenty of reputable places though, Tu Amore are considered and confident here and sound like they know themselves better than some other bands on their second or third full-length. If they can establish even more of their own identity going forward, the future looks very bright indeed.

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