DON BROCO- Priorities

This is slick. Really slick. Sugary too. It could be a pop album, straight-up chart-bothering pop. But somehow the debut record from Bedford four-piece Don Broco isn’t sickly, sticky sweet but awesomely addictive. Like the best candy it’s simple and effective, so while there are no big surprises or experimental flavours here, there are big fat choruses, memorable melodies and hook after shiny hook. You’ll be humming along to these tunes on just your second listen through.

The title track is a bona fide belter set to inspire so much air drumming, ‘Fancy Dress’ sparks with wit and wicked vocals, and ‘Yeah Man’, while perhaps initially hiding behind the bigger hitters here due its low key verses, will eventually reveal itself to be the Broco boys’ best song. And while there is disappointingly little of the sort of Faith No More-inspired oddness their early work was peppered with, ‘Hold On’ is a hip-shaking mix of sexy, silly, soft and hard.

Not every song is a knockout. ‘In My World’ is lyrical and musical fluff and ‘You Got It Girl’ feels unfinished, like the smoky vibes weren’t given time to settle in. Still, ‘Priorities’ is the best produce yet from the current crop of British pop-rockers and should capably usher Don Broco on to bigger and better things.

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