PARISO- Nothing Beyond Everything After


This is a burly record. A brawny record. London five-piece Pariso might have been caught up in the UK swell and toured with plenty of emo and screamo outfits but ‘Nothing Beyond Everything After’ sounds like it wants to punch a hole in your face. There’s a weight to this thing, an emotional one sure (you don’t get more emotional than titles like ‘Lonely Battle’ and lyrics like “Because we both know we have no place, and the tears are pouring down my face”) but a bruising, intense, metallic one too. ‘Open Waters’ forgoes pretty, polite introductions and will instead leave the copper taste of blood in your mouth, ‘Defense Wounds’ somehow combines black metal riffing with an almost-indie tone, and ‘The Huntsman’ is a chaotic punk rager that owes everything to Coalesce, Converge and Pig Destroyer without once ripping anybody off. Brutally strong, bullishly powerful, definitely British, brilliant stuff.

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